Top 10 Eastwood Guitars To Own This Christmas

    Are you still looking for that perfect new guitar to buy this Christmas? Whether you're looking  to get one for yourself or buy it for someone special in your life, here's a look at our Top 10 "Must-Own" Eastwood Guitars you need to know about...

    Top 10 Eastwood Guitars This Christmas 

    Come the end of the year and the Christmas season, many of us start looking for a new instrument to add to our collection. Here's our top picks this year - a mix that goes from new to old models, from traditional guitars to electric mandolins and beyond - after all, sometimes if you think you have too many guitars, there should always be a place for something different...

    1) Eastwood Mandocaster


    This eight string marvel features a solid alder body, maple bolt-on neck and two pickups. Each pair of strings has its own adjustable bridge saddle for proper intonation. View more

    2) Eastwood Sidejack Baritone DLX

    The Eastwood Sidejack Baritone DLX is a superb choice if you dig that Mosrite-style look. From Spaghetti-Western style sounds to eerie Twin Peaks-esque sounds, it's a BARITONE guitar that'll take you there... and this could be the one for you. View more

    3) Eastwood Sidejack Pro DLX

    Sidejack Pro DLX

    Our Sidejack Pro Series is the culmination of 15 years development and experience with our regular Sidejack Series, all of our passion and knowledge of Mosrite guitars, and all of our know-how of modern manufacturing techniques. View more

    4) Airline Bighorn

    This model is based on the original 1960′s AIRLINE Bighorn, it features an updated adjustable bridge, truss rod and the modern popular Diamond Argyle single coil pickups. View more

    5) Airline 59 Coronado

    Airline Coronado

    The Airline '59 Coronado is our tribute to the Coronado model used by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. The originals were made of Res-O-Glas, but we have upgraded the design to tone-chambered mahogany bodies. View more

    6) Classic 6 HB-TL

    Classic 6 HB-TL

    Hot on the heels of the Classic HB model, we've added a 6-aside headstock and new finishes. All models feature the edgier diamond 'f-hole'. View more

    7) Classic AC

    For those who like more than a touch of rhythm in their rock, we give you the Classic AC! Like it’s high end inspiration, the Classic AC features a mahogany set neck, which is an integral part of the ‘MY DC’ rhythm tone. View more

    8) Rivolta Combinata I

    Combinata I

    This bare-bones version of the classic Combinata gives you all that's necessary to get the job done with its single "Novanta" P90 pickup in the bridge position, C+ neck profile and 24 frets across a 25" scale. View more

    9) Backlund Model 100

    Many of you are familiar with John Backlund’s fantastic guitar designs, but very few have ever had the opportunity to own one - until now.  The Model 100 was our first release and has been played by artists such as Todd Rundgren. View more

    10) Ricky Lap Steel

    Ricky Lap Steel

    The new Ricky Lap Steel guitar features top access chrome tuners with slotted headstock, side access output jack, Eastwood TDR Metal Logo and volume and tone knobs. View more

    Make sure to place your orders before the following deadlines:
    USA / Canada: Tuesday 17th December, Midnight (EST)
    EU: Wednesday 18th December, 5pm (GMT)
    UK: Friday 20th December, 5pm (GMT)