Top 10 Best-Selling Guitars of 2020

A look at our best-selling guitars in 2020. Suddenly, spending all that time at home doesn't seem so bad...

Eastwood Wolf guitar

2020 was the year for staying in, and a new guitar always goes a long way in helping people to spend all that time at home. Here's a list of our best-sellers this year, which includes some old classics and new favourites. Have you tried any of these yet?


In the summer of 2017, we were given unique access to one of Peter Hook’s original Shergold Marathon 6 Bass guitars, an instrument that has always been a core part of Hooky’s unique style/sound, and an integral part of the sound of Joy Division and New Order.

The result is the Hooky Bass 6 Pro, which Peter Hook himself now plays. VIEW MORE


This is the guitar Grateful Dead fans were waiting for, and it didn't disappoint. Our Wolf Guitar pays tribute to the original in almost every detail – including coil taps and effects loop.  It has been manufactured in our top Korean factory and has a true neck-thru design. VIEW MORE


Rivolta Combinata VII

The Rivolta Combinata VII (pictured here in beautiful Acero Glow finish) was our first collaboration with Dennis Fano of Novo Guitars - and remained a very popular model in 2020. Its fair to say Rivoltas are now a recognisable name worldwide and a firm favourite amongst guitarists who know their stuff - including top artists such as Nick Valensi of The Strokes. VIEW MORE


The Airline Tuxedo is one of our all-time favourites - and our customers seem to agree. Year in, year out, this is always a popular choice. Vintage looks and great tones, equally suitable whether you're a singer-songwriter (it can sound just like what you hoped your electro-acoustic would), or playing in a punk rock band. For jazz or blues, this guitar is just killer. VIEW MORE

5) MCGEOCH 1000

McGeoch 1000

The McGeoch 1000 landed in 2020 to much acclaim. This is quite possibly one of the best guitars we've ever made, and our customers agree. A fitting tribute to the late John McGeoch of Magazine, Public Image and Siouxsie and The Banshees.  VIEW MORE


The 1975 Morris The Cosey is an older model, but still very popular. The description of the original 1975 Morris Custom Mando Mania guitar, which says "Plays like a Les Paul, looks like a Mandolin" remains as true as ever. If that's not enough to get you excited - it should!  VIEW MORE


Airline Folkstar

The Airline Folkstar is one of the most unique resonator guitars you're ever likely to play. It looks and sounds great, and is a marked improvement on the vintage original - featuring piezo and a mini-humbucker, tone-chambered mahogany body and much better playability. VIEW MORE


The EEB-1 Bass is our tribute to the rare Ampeg bass, as played by Rick Danko of The Band, as seen on their performance of 'The Wight' in the iconic The Last Waltz documentary by Martin Scorsese:

This bass is one of our long-scale models and remains popular. If you fancy a move from the usual J- or P-style basses, this could be your ticket. VIEW MORE


If you thought Strats were the last word on single-coil guitars, think again. The Spectrum 5 PRO delivers such a variety of great tones, it's hard to beat - either in the studio or live, this guitar is the gift that keeps on giving, and remained a best-selling model in 2020. VIEW MORE


Valco BloodBuzz

OK, the last one isn't a guitar - but we couldn't fail to mention the Valco BloodBuzz, our entry into the world of boutique FX pedals. This Fuzz and Overdrive pedal quickly became a fan favourite, and is quite likely one of the best and most versatile "dirty" pedals around... this is more than a "2-in-1" pedal... sounds more like TEN-in-one. You'll see more guitarists using one in 2021 for sure... and maybe you should be one of them! VIEW MORE

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  • james roy parker

    just putting in my “vote” for “recall” of LEFTY Side-jack-12-deluxe"!! …and also to say, that I think the “Norma” guitar could have done a lot better…surprised it has been dropped…wherever I go and play mine, I get nothing but compliments on the look and sounds……

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