Top 10 Hottest New Guitars Of 2018

Top 10 Hottest New Guitars Of 2018

We've been kept busy in 2018, in our continued effort to bring you the best and widest range of guitars we possibly could. Here's a look at the hottest models we introduced in 2018. Which ones have you tried? 

Top 10 Hottest Guitars of 2018

2018 was a particularly busy year here at Eastwood Guitars, with several new models and Custom Shop projects that were really embraced by guitarists worldwide. Here's our top picks.

1) Rivolta Mondata II HB 

Rivolta Mondata II HB

There's no doubt that 2018 was the year when our collaboration with Dennis Fano, Rivolta Guitars, really took off and caught the attention of many top players. The Mondata II HB is the Humbucker-equipped version of the Mondata II, and we feel it's perhaps Fano's most "rock'n'roll" design yet - whether you play blues, punk or alternative, this guitar delivers that LP-style growl most of us love, with a stunning visual that looks just so cool on stage. VIEW INFO

2) Backlund Rockerbox

Backlund Rockerbox

The Rockerbox surpassed all of our expectations and became one of the most popular projects we ever had on Custom Shop. This is our first Backlund semi-acoustc guitar, which looks totally unique but, as all Backlund models, also sounds and plays great, too. VIEW INFO

3) Sidejack Pro JM

Sidejack Pro JM

Following on the steps of our top-selling Sidejack Pro, the new addition to the Sidejack Series is the Sidejack Pro JM, which takes its inspiration from the legendary (and rare) Mosrite Joe Maphis. This tone-chambered model looks and sounds simply amazing. it could well be the best Sidejack model so far... VIEW MORE

4) TB64 6-String Bass

TB64 6-string bass 

Who needs a 6-string bass with tremolo? Turns out, quite a few of you out there... the Custom Shop TB64 6-String bass has been a big success in 2018, and we've heard from lots of players saying this model became their favourite bass guitar - 6-string or otherwise. VIEW INFO

5) The Continental by Jeff Senn

The Continental by Jeff Senn

The Continental is another brand new design by the renowned Jeff Senn, oozing quirky retro vibes, with hints of classic vintage guitars such as the Supro Ozark. The result is a beautiful instrument that feels instantly familiar, and yet entirely new. VIEW INFO

6) Delta 4 Tenor

Delta 4 Tenor

The Delta 4 Tenor is our first and only resonator tenor guitar. Put down that Ukulele and start playing some swamp blues on your next tenor guitar. This mighty little tenor has a 23″ scale that works with standard tenor tuning (CGDA) and also octave mandolin tuning (GDAE). VIEW INFO

7) Phase 4 MT

Phase 4 MT

Fans of KIng Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, and everyone else who's interested in microtonal guitars, will certainly dig the new Custom Shop Phase 4 MT. This is a guitar that's challenging to play - but ultimately, also very rewarding. If you want to broaden your musical horizons, this is a must-have! VIEW INFO

8) Sidejack-Series Mark IV KC

Mark IV KC guitar

This new Sidejack-series Mark IV KC model is inspired by the rare Mosrite Gospel, one of Kurt Cobain's favourite guitars (one of the ones he didn't smash up, anyway!) and comes equipped with custom P90 pickups. VIEW INFO

9) Ricky Lap Steel

Ricky ap Steel

The Ricky Lap Steel is our newest Lap Steel model, and a must-have for anyone interested in slide guitar, and a great addition to anyone's collection. VIEW INFO

10) Wandre Soloist 2p

Wandre Soloist 2P

The Wandre Soloist 2P is one of our most deliciously retro designs, based on the legendary Buddy Miller guitar, and a perfect encapsulation of our ideal to not just replicate models from the past - but to improve them to better serve the modern players, today. VIEW INFO 

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  • Jan

    Disappointed with the Senn (no 1) I just received still virtiually new from a friend. The quality of the hardware made me suspect I had a Chinese clone at hand. The company had asked my friend for feedback so I was confident in that respect that it should be original, but still…The angle between neck and body had sandpaper and a split piece of wood by way of a shim and the intonation was not accessible with the bridge fitted reverse. Knob. of pickup selector proved not removable for lubrication purpose.
    I am sure you can do better. All the same I think I will have fun with this guitar. 😊

  • ppocopa

    It’s a thing that rings when you strike the strings, ya ding-a-ling.

  • Henry Hoppykins

    What is a guitar?

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