Top 7 Guitar That'll Remind You Of Someone...

From Ramones and Wire to Nirvana and Black Keys - the key to the success of many of our Custom Shop guitars has been the connection between our models and the artists who played one of the originals. Here's 7 of the best.

Eastwood Mach Two

We all have our heroes. Or, at least, musicians who inspired and influenced us. That's why many of our custom shop guitars end up getting so popular - guitarists enjoy playing instruments that look just like the ones played by their favorite artists.

So here's our Top 7 Custom Shop picks, still available on our site. And the beauty of them is that you don't even have to be a fan of those artists to enjoy those guitars... they are great instruments in their own right!

1) Univox Hi-Flier

Hi-Flyer Phase 4

Kurt Cobain is mostly associated with Fender Jaguars and Mustangs... but one of his favorite models was a Univox Hi-Flyer Phase 4. He can be seen playing a white one on the 'Heart-Shaped Box' video, and he also played a Univox Hi-Flyer in sunburst, which he subsequently smashed and was auctioned by Sotheby's. Our custom shop models include the UNIVOX logo and looks pretty close to that smashed guitar... VIEW DETAILS

2) Custom Kraft DLX

Custom Kraft DLX

Perhaps more than anyone else, Dan Auerbach has been responsible for highlighting some long-forgotten, vintage guitars. Throughout his career with The Black Keys, Auerbach has played some very unique guitars - such as the Custom Kraft, which we reissued with modern upgrades (and is also available in Sunburst for those not keen on green...) VIEW DETAILS

3) Breadwinner LIMITED-STOCK


The original Ovation Breadwinner is a classic case of "cult" guitar - well-loved, but not everyone thinks the original was particularly good. Players include Colin Newman (Wire) and Ace Frehley (Kiss) - both at the start of their respective careers, before moving to better gear. We believe our new version is better... and you won't feel tempted to give it up anytime soon! VIEW MORE

4) Surfcaster


The original Charvel Surfcaster was a short-lived model, but all sorts of bands were using it in the 90's, including Bilinda Butcher (My Bloody Valentine) and Scott Ian (Anthrax). 12-string version also available. VIEW DETAILS


Eastwood Swinger

The original Swinger is a mega-rare model, and can be seen played by Tina Weymouth  on some songs from the Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense Film. Quirky and unique!  Our custom shop reissue gives guitarists another chance to grab this cool guitar... but you'll have to hurry, limited-stock available! VIEW MORE

6) MachTwo

Nothing says "punk rock" more than the Ramones... so if you want to rock out in true punk-style, nothing beats this guitar, inspired by Johnny Ramone's favorite, VIEW DETAILS

7) Deerhoof Signature EEG

Well, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Ed Rodriguez from Deerhoof plays our Deerhoof Signature EEG, inspired by the classic AMPEG offset bass design. SO next time you see them headlining their next tour, or supporting the Red Hot Chili Peppers this Summer, keep an eye on it! VIEW DETAILS

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  • William

    Man, that Machtwo kills me. I wasn’t a listener of the Punk scene but always had a respect for the Ramones and what they could do. I would love to know that the Machtwo is capable of more then lightning fast bar chords. Can you give Rj Ronquillo a call and see if he wouldn’t mind making a Demo before I buy a Map DLX?? lol

  • Skip

    So cool. Or bitchin’ we used to say. Or far out.

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