Rivolta Combinata Bass VII by Novo Guitars

    The Rivolta Combinata Bass VII is the first bass to join the Rivolta by Novo Guitars range. This is another popular Dennis Fano creation, already picking up rave reviews.

    Rivolta Combinata Bass VII

    You asked for it, and we delivered - the first bass guitar to join the Rivolta range.  With the same now-familar offset body shape of the Combinata guitars, the Rivolta Combinata Bass VII has a tone-chambered mahogany body and a pair of custom wound pickups that will deliver a wealth of amazing tones, which won't disappoint those used to the more traditional J- or P-style bass guitars.

    Most players today will know Dennis Fano renown for top-quality instruments with Novo Guitars, and Rivolta brings new designs by Fano to a more accessible price point - so no wonder bassists have been eagerly awaiting for a Rivolta bass, which is now finally available. Judging by the first reviews we received on our website, it seems customers were not disappointed:

    "Love the bass. Looks and plays beautifully. Nice price for such a quality instrument."

    "An instant Classic! Looks like something that should have been years ago. Super comfortable and fun to play."

    Rivolta Combinata Bass VII

    Premier Guitar Reviews the Rivolta Combinata Bass VII

    And it's not just our customers who've been raving about the Combinata Bass VII. The popular Premier Guitar magazine gave it a glowing review, describing the first Rivolta bass as a "Splendorous Mid-Scale" bass guitar.

    The verdict was very positive: 

    "Rivolta’s Combinata VII has the makings of a serious workhorse. It has great styling, a fast neck, and a practical tonal spectrum... the Combinata is most definitely a value-rich instrument that will suit multiple genres. If this instrument foreshadows what Rivolta and Novo have in store for bassists, we have much to look forward to from these small but mighty workshops."

    Read full review here.

    Rivolta Combinata Bass VII

    RJ Ronquillo plays the Rivolta Combinata Bass VII

    You read the reviews... but how does it actually sounds? Here comes RJ Ronquillo, to demonstrate some of the Rivolta Combinata Bass VII tones. And if you like what you hear, then it's your turn! Please visit the Combinata Bass VII product page for more info and financing options.