New on Custom Shop: Airline Jetsons Jr. Bass

    We are bringing back a new version of our discontinued Airline 2P Bass - now as a Custom Shop model: the Airline Jetsons Jr Bass.

    Airline 2P Bass

    As often happens in "Eastwood World", a short-lived instrument sometimes acquire semi-mythical status - such is the case of the rarely seen Airline 2P Bass, which we produced for just a couple of year, over 14 years ago.

    Since then, we've had many customers asking for a reissue, so here it is... of sorts!

    Over the past few years, the Airline MAP Bass took the mantle as the "go to" Airline bass, so we thought we'd resurrect the concept of a "JB Hutto"-style bass in a different way: Meet the Airline Jetsons Jr. Bass, which is now available to Pre-Orders via

    Airline Jetsons Jr Bass

    Hitting a different price point than the MAP, the new Airline Jetsons Jr. bass has a different scratchplate than the older 2P, and only has one P-Bass style pickup.

    Available in Red, Black or Red Left-Handed, there's little doubt this new incarnation will be as popular (or more!) than the previous one.