New Custom Shop Models for 2018

The first new Eastwood Custom Shop models of 2018 will start arriving in the first quarter of the year. If you missed the chance to leave a deposit to pre-order, you can still guarantee yours.

New Eastwood Custom Shop Guitars

As usual, if you miss the opportunity to leave a small deposit to guarantee your new Eastwood Custom Shop guitar (view current projects here) you can still order projects which have been completed and have reached their target.

The downside is that you'll have to pay full-price upfront, instead of just the deposit - but the good news is that this way you can still guarantee your guitar because, after all, some Custom Shop projects are only limited-runs.

Here's a list of all the Eastwood Custom Shop guitars new for 2018 which you can now order before they arrive in the next few months - a great way to make sure you'll grab a gem that might be hard to find in the future! But you'll need to hurry - these are available in limited-quantities, only!

Airline Jetsons Jr. 65

Airline Jetsons Jr 65

Single pickup, solid basswood body! A unique "JB Hutto"-style Airline. VIEW MORE

Eastwood Gemini

Eastwood Gemini

The Gemini is a reissue of a model we discontinued a few years back. Available in Red or Vintage White. VIEW MORE

Eastwood Moonsault

Eastwood Moonsault

Custom Shop guitars won't come more quirky than this in 2018 - our tribute to a rare Kawai model as played by Ric Ocasek (The Cars). VIEW MORE

Senn Model One Baritone

SennModel One Baritone

If you were wondering whether you should buy a baritone - maybe now is the time! This new collaboration with Jeff Senn was a huge Custom Shop success and these will go fast. VIEW MORE

Eastwood Savannah

Eastwood Savannah

Available with or without a Bigsby, the Savannah is a reissue of our first-ever semi-acoustic model, discontinued years ago. VIEW MORE

Airline Pocket Bass

Airline Pocket Bass

The new Airline Pocket Bass was another big success via Custom Shop, and can prove to be a valuable addition to your collection this year. VIEW MORE

What else is coming in 2018?

Besides those 5 models, we still have several projects still running on our Eastwood Custom Shop website. If there's any new guitar you'd like us to make as a Custom Shop project, make sure to post your comments - we're always listening to suggestions!

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