MyRareGuitars: Precursor to the Eastwood of Today

    By Lincoln Smith
    Some long-time fans of Eastwood Guitars may be surprised to know that Eastwood didn’t always live at its current address of Before being set up with its own digs, Eastwood existed solely at Eastwood owner Mike Robinson’s first URL:

    A Little History

    General guitar fans who have combed the internet for forums, blogs, and general guitar info may be familiar with the name “MyRareGuitars.” Robinson started the site in the “wild west” early days of the internet, in 1997, as a landing spot for blog posts, shared photos of his personal vintage guitar collection, and discussion from around the world about under-appreciated guitars of the past. 

    Photo: the MyRareGuitars home page in May 2002

    The site, with some help from Ebay, soon became a marketplace to buy and sell unique vintage gear, and shortly after, it became the first vehicle to facilitate the sale of a line of guitars commissioned by Robinson: the first ever Eastwood Guitars.

    What Can I Find on Today?

    Through the years, the function of the MRG site has changed a bit. You can still go and dig through blog posts and comment sections old and new, and you can still find unique gear to buy. However, among the boutique, vintage, or hand-built guitars and amps traded among collectors, you can find an army of discontinued and b-stock Eastwood models that you can’t find anywhere else, and prices that can’t be beat.

    It’s not rare to find flagship Eastwood models listed at 25% off for no reason other than the discontinuation of the particular color.

    Photo: Discontinued Airline '59 Coronado listed on the MyRareGuitars Site

    At the moment, there are the last stragglers of discontinued models listed at bargain prices.

    Other times, you may run across a popular model discounted greatly for no reason other than a cracked, easily replaceable control plate.

    Photo: Valco Bloodbuzz Pedal on sale on MyRareGuitars site

    * * *
    If you’re a player interested in finding an Eastwood that fits within your budget without worrying about minor nicks or a barely-there mark on the headstock or pickguard,  or you’ve been looking for a discontinued model or some other vintage rarity, MyRareGuitars is worth the visit and worth checking often. New listings are posted weekly! 
    Email info@myrareguitars if you have any questions about the site, and how to take advantage of these great deals!