Meet the Eastwood Team - Vince Schaljo

    Name :
    Vince Schaljo

    Job Title :
    Manager of E-Commerce

    Where are you based :
    West Grey, Ontario, Canada

    How long have you worked for Eastwood :
    13 years

    What’s the first guitar you ever bought (and, do you still have it) :
    The first guitar I owned was a gift from my parents: a Strat copy branded “Barracuda”, which was a Canadian import label. I no longer have that guitar.
    The first guitar I purchased for myself is a Stonebridge G23-SF-C which I still have. Fabulous guitar!

    What’s your favorite gear now:  
    Eastwood? Biased, maybe…
    Honestly, my G.A.S. has slowed quite a bit over the years. But my most recent acquisition was a Focusrite Scarlett, which allows me to plug in and putz around easily on the fly.

    What are your favorite bands :
    If I were to pick a frequent top-5 they’d be Steven Wilson, The Mars Volta, Alice in Chains, Tool, Opeth

    Share a fun fact about yourself:
    I often geek out over most things that capture my interest. Whether it’s music, craft beer, coffee, travel plans, tv shows, or (in my younger years) video games, there’s no going half-way. I tend to lose myself in as many intricate (some might say useless) details as possible.

    Describe, in detail, your ideal morning beverage :
    In detail? OK - Freshly ground black coffee, usually single origin. I prefer light-medium roasts, and like to experiment with coffees from different regions / farms month-to-month.