Meet the Dealer: Nordsound, Finland

    In this newest edition of our "Meet the Dealer" series, let's hear from our friends Nordsound in... Finland!

    From the outside, there's not m,uch clue as to what Nordsound could hold inside, but  those lucky enough to visit it will be in pure guitar heaven- and pretty well stocked with Eastwood and Airline guitars, too!
    NordSound is a small company in Finland, that started importing and distributing guitars, basses, amps and related accessories in the summer 2011. 
    In 2013 they got better facilities in a former small industrial property where they still work today. Their internet market has recently grown and they are now selling some stuff internationally as well. Well done!
    Nordsoud outside

    Besides Eastwood, their main brands are: Manne and ManneDesign and Green guitars and basses as well as Tribe Guitars, VGS and Mayson acoustics.
    Amp-wise, they sell Brunetti, Gurus, Ashdown, Hayden, RedPlate, Taurus and Artesound as well as their related cabinets. Nordsound also stock handmade effects from several manufacturers and a lot of guitar and amp related accessories. 
    Under the same roof there are a few music rehearsing "cabinets" for hire, and a small area that is used for workshops and exhibitions. A professional guitarbuilder with a dedicated repairshop is also found in the same building.
    Rune Pettersson told us what they like about Eastwood and Airline:
    "They offer a vast range of replica guitars that bring the best out of old guitar models from the past that they represent. Mostly, the tone excels the originals, but still being true to the era they represented. Playability is on par with the best out on the market today! The Eastwood custom shop also offers new cool projects for those wanting something really exceptional. 

    "The customer service from the UK branch is perfect, with fast responce and shipping. The aftermarket service is also on a very high level. Thanks Carl and the other UK staff!"
    Shop name:   NORDSOUND F:MA
    Website:       WWW.NORDSOUND.FI
    Town/ country:     ESSE / FINLAND
    Address: KVARNSTIGEN 6, 68820 ESSE, FINLAND    CELLPHONE: +358 406 810 910