Gorillaz Win Brit Awards for Best British Group

    Damon Albarn's world-conquering project Gorillaz won one of the biggest accolades in the British music industry last night - the Brit Award for best British Group.


    The Brit Awards is the biggest night in the British music industry, the equivalent to the Grammys in America - and one of the main winners were Gorillaz, who won the award for Best British Group. Previous winners include Oasis, Blur, Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys.

    Gorillaz started as a fictional, animated band over 15 years ago- the fruit of Damon Albarn's collaboration with renowned artist Jamie Hewlett, when Albarn was taking a break from Blur.


    However, Gorillaz has been evolving over the years, and today's lineup includes two Eastwood artists - guitarist Jeff Wootton and bassist Seye Adelekan.

    At our end of the year retrospective, we named Gorillaz as one of the Top 10 Bands who rocked our guitars in 2017 - and we can testify that they really rocked them!

    Gorillaz live

    Both Jeff and Seye help to make the band sound even bigger and more powerful live than on record, and Gorillaz are one of the top touring bands in the world today. 

    There's no doubt that the award went to a deserving band, and you can be sure to hear more from Gorillaz in 2018.

    Well done, guys!

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