First Look: The New Sidejack JM Pro DLX

    The Sidejack Series is set to expand again, with the addition of a new model coming soon - the Sidejack JM Pro DLX.

    Sidejack Pro JM

    2018 is the year when we're taking the Sidejack series to a whole new level. Besides the addition of exciting new colors for the Sidejack Pro models, we're also bringing out a new guitar: the Sidejack JM Pro DLX, inspired by the legendary 1965 Mosrite Joe Maphis mk1 guitar.

    The Sidejack JM Pro DLX features an offset body similar to the Sidejack, but it's a semi-acoustic guitar with f-hole, and its "horns" are less prominent than the Sidejack Pro, a design inspired by the original Joe Maphis model.

    Like the Sidejack Pro DLX models, the Sidejack JM Pro DLX features upgraded hardware and more "Mosrite-like" features than the standard Sidejack guitars, such as the back neck plate, hotter pickups, nickel knobs, branded hardware.

    Sidejack Pro JM - back

    Of course, it also features more modern appointments, such as a more comfortable neck than the vintage Mosrites, and our "Jazzmaster-style" tremolo, which we found to work better for this type of guitar.

    Sidejack Pro JM

    The Sidejack JM Pro DLX will be landing soon. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to be informed of our latest news - or sign up to our newsletter.

    Who was Joe Maphis?

    Joe Maphis

    Joe Maphis was a country guitarist who earned the nickname "The King Of Strings", for being one of the flashiest country guitarists during the 50's and 60's. He worked with legends such as Merle Travis, Johnny Cash and Wanda Jackson, and was renowned enough to get his own signature Mosrite models. 

    Mosrite joe Maphis

    Though his best-known signature guitar was the Mosrite Joe Maphis double neck, the 1965 mk1 and the mk2 (with more curved horns) remain some of the most exquisite and collectible of Mosrites. 

    Soon, today's country, blues and rock'n'roll players will be able to  get the new Sidejack JM Pro DLX , which will bring back that same vibe, in one stunning, modern instrument.

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