Class of 2019: New Custom Shop Models Landing Soon

    2018 was a vintage year for our Custom Shop, and these new models landing soon will help making 2019 even better! Time to get excited...

    New Custom Shop models

    If your New Year's resolution was to get a great new guitar in 2019, you can't go wrong with the new Custom Shop models landing soon...

    Eastwood Hi-Flyer Phase 4 MT

    Phase 4 MT

    The Phase 4 MT is our first ever Microtonal guitar. Challenging, but great fun to play. Ideal for the guitarists who love experimenting.

    SG2C Flying Banana

    Flying Banana

    Have we gone bananas? Yes we have! This SG2C Flying Banana tribute to a rare Yamaha model will without a doubt be one of the quirkiest things you'll see all year!

    Eastwood SA-15


    The Eastwood SA-15 is our tribute to a rare semi-acoustic from the late Sixties, famously used by Link Wray. As far as semi-acoustics go, this will be as cool as it gets!

    Eastwood Newport Bass

    Newport Bass

    If you know anything about us, you'll know we make some of the best, most stylish short-scale basses out there... and the new Custom Shop Newport Bass is no exception! This will be hot, hot, hot!, so you're advised to guarantee yours as soon as you can.

    Airline MAP Tenor

    MAP Tenor

    The addition that was missing in the MAP family: the eagerly awaited Airline MAP Tenor, which will without a doubt become one of our hottest tenor models in 2019.

    Eastwood Teleolin


    We don't do double-neck guitars too often, but when we do... you can be sure they are killer! This new Custom Shop Teleolin is our latest double-neck, and it's one of those guitars that maybe you didn't think you needed... but once you grab one, you'll wonder how could you live without one!

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