Why We Love Guitars (And You Should, Too!)

    To be a connoisseur of classic sounds you first need the knowledge that goes with the “Vintage” era of guitars. Many of today’s guitar players got their inspiration from models such as the ’66 Mosrite Original Mark-I. The sleek sunburst finish with the sharp cutaway and a “Moseley” tailpiece made this guitar one of the most well known Mosrite Vintage Guitars to all Mosrite collectors.

    Knowing the history behind a vintage electric guitar is just as important as owning one! For those who are not familiar with what it means when we say “Mosrite” the term was married when joining the names of “Moseley” and “Boatright”. In the 60’s these guitars cost nearly double a Fender Stratocaster, which was a fairly expensive guitar costing nearly $290 dollars, which was big money back then. After the release of the first Mosrite Vintage Guitars they soon became the most sought after boutique guitars not just in the United States, but also around the world. The breakthrough designs and extremely high quality, mixed with some of the most creative craftsmanship made this unit nearly impossible to duplicate.

    At Eastwood® Guitars we believe we offer high quality guitars and we do it at an affordable price. We don’t take shortcuts here; we use only the highest quality and modern components that far exceeds the performance of the sixties! Topped with our 3 year limited warranty we stand behind our product. We don’t want to just tell you about it, let us show you!