We're Bringing Vintage Back

    The key is the sound. 

    Guitars used to be hand-crafted, each made with careful precision and diligence, creating a smooth, classic sound which is almost impossible to replicate with modern machinery. The material, assembly, and style all lend to incomparable tones that seem to drift out of a guitar that will hold its value for a long time.

    At Eastwood Guitars, we've worked hard to capture that very essence of vintage guitars.  With dedicated research and application, we believe we have mastered this seemingly lost art and are here to bring it to you at an affordable price. Proven to enhance performance, constantly undergoing research, professionally set up, and a 3-year warranty will show you that we are here to give you the 60's experience with a price that will make you smile.

    Browse through our selection of vintage guitars and see for yourself.  We guarantee you won't be disappointed.