Tuning Stability with DLX Models

    Here at Eastwood, we've taken countless steps to ensure that your guitar stays in tune even after hours of cranking your tremolo arm. Each deluxe model (anything with a tremolo or Bigsby) is fitted with a roller bridge to allow the strings to move freely back and forth, preventing string catch and pull at the bridge.

    There is one extra step we take before shipping, however, that we strongly urge you to try out when you set your guitar up in the future. Each guitar gets a healthy dose of "Big Bend's Nut Sauce" applied to the nut slots to keep the strings from catching.



    This string lubricant is usable essentially anywhere friction occurs when your strings move: nut slots, saddles, whammy mechanism etc. The idea is to reduce this friction, and prevent your guitar from falling out of tune. Give it a shot! You'll be glad you did.