The Originals - Wandre Tri-Lam


    Wandre Guitars was started by the Italian guitar manufacturer Antonio Pioli, nicknamed "Wandre". These wild and weird electric guitars are famous for their original shapes, aluminum necks and unique switches. The guitars were originally designed and manufactured in early 1960s by Pioli in Cavriago, Italy. Very small productions were made, which makes these guitars very sought-after in vintage guitar market. Some guitars by Pioli have appeared under other brand names such as Framez or Davoli.

    wandre trilam 1wandre trilam 7Here is one of the more popular models, the Wandre Tri-Lam. As with most Wandre guitars, the neck is made of aluminum, much like a broomstick of metal with a wooden fingerboard mounted on it. A vinyl type of tape runs along the neck so it does not feel too cold. Without the need for a truss rod, the neck can be tilted to adjust the action. It is completely hollowbody design, Italian poplar, arched top and is incredibly lightweight. Very cool meshed sound hole covers, with a single pickup and master volume. Wandre guitars are extremely rare, with the vintage prices ranging from $3,000 - $30,000. Many are considered to be valuable pieces of art.

    In 2011 Eastwood released a modern tribute version of the Wandre Tri-Lam with set maple neck. Check out RJ's demo: