The Originals - H44

    "The Originals" H44

    The H44 model was made from 1952 through 1957. The unique design featured 1 pickup and "Neck-through" construction. This means it was one piece of wood from head to tailpiece, and two added "ears" to form the body.

    Here is the description from the original catalog: SOLID BODY ELECTRICS MODEL H44 - SPANISH GUITAR. The thin-body easy-to-handle Spanish Electric that has become a national favorite. Light weight, designed in smooth cutaway style for easy fingering down to the last fret. Has responsive built-in pickup, with tone and volume controls. Special slide-switch permits quick change from bass emphasis used for rhythm playing, to treble emphasis for take-off or solo work. Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, compensatinq tailpiece. Beautifully finished in a lustrous copper-bronze coating. Length overall 36", width 10 5/8", length of scale 25 1/4". Plastic guitar strap included. H44 Guitar $75.00 - C44 Carrying Case, extra $8.50

    Spanish guitar? Also funny it does not mention the rather monstrous baseball bat shaped neck, which has become the thing that people really like about this model!

    In 2006 Eastwood Guitars re-issued the H44 and H44 DLX (dual pickup model) under the Airline brand. It has become one of our best selling models, and staying true o the original, features a nice baseball neck. Check out this video demo from RJ Ronquillo: