Original Teisco Spectrum 5 vs. Eastwood Reissue: Spot The Differences!

Original Teisco Spectrum 5 vs. Eastwood Reissue: Spot The Differences!

The new Eastwood Spectrum 5 Pro is a stunning re-creation of the unique Teisco Spectrum 5. Can you spot the differences?

Teisco Spectrum 5 x Eastwood Spectrum 5 Pro...

The original Teisco Spectrum 5 is a classic, vintage Japanese model that found some celebrity users over the years, such as Ry Cooder and Eddie Van Halen. Our own new version, the Spectrum 5 Pro, is a very close replica of the original, with only slight differences:

We integrated some changes and improvements to the original, including and upgraded tremolo system, making our Eastwood Spectrum 5 Pro a great instrument on its own right. 


We also changed the headstock to 6 in-line tuners because trademarks prevent us from using the 4+2 headstock. But we still have the cool pickguard material on the headstock like the original and put a modern twist to the metal logo badge.

What's so special about the Spectrum 5?

When it was first released by Japanese brand Teisco in 1966, the original Spectrum 5 was described as a guitar that had "unique features which no other guitar in the world can match.”

Eddie Van Halen and his Teisco Spectrum 5

Perhaps the most striking features of the Spectrum 5 were the colorful switches and the dual outputs.

The name of thie guitar derived from the switches’ ability to produce five tonal colors – a “spectrum of sound” – which could be used alone or in any combination.

For stereo output – bass through one channel, treble through the other – two jacks were used, though then as now with our TDR Series Spectrum 5, most guitarists simply use one of the outputs. But hey, it's a great feature to have on a guitar - specially in the studio.

Eastwood Spectrum 5 Pro

The Eastwood Spectrum 5 Pro is a seriously cool guitar, perfect for the guitarist who wants something with a lot more character than your usual "S-style" guitar!


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