Left Hand Guitars and Their Famous Guitarists: Hendrix

    Left-handers live in a right-handed world. While 1 in 10 are estimated to prefer their left, it is still hard to find a desk in a college classroom, to find a baseball glove that fits, and most especially, to find left hand guitars.

    Not only are left hand guitars nice because they just seem to fit better in your hands, but the strings are re-ordered so that, like a traditional guitar, the lowest string is closest to the face. However, because these guitars generally weren't in stock in a music store, so many of the great left-handed guitarists of our time either learned to deal with having the strings upside down or they had to get the guitar custom strung. 

    A prime example of one such guitarist was Jimi Hendrix. A master of the instrument, Hendrix learned to play backwards. While beginning to play, it is rumored that Hendrix's father made him play with his right hand because playing with the left was a sign of the devil. Because he was encouraged to be right-handed, Hendrix could play with both, which could be part of the reason he wanted to keep the strings in their original order. This way, he could switch back and forth any time he wanted.

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