RJ Ronquillo

RJ Ronquillo needs no introduction - he's the man who brings Eastwood guitars to life, as our main product demonstrator in a series of popular videos. But as a touring musician, RJ also uses our guitars - the Airline Tuxedo being one of his favourites.


Rj Ronquillo is a real-life guitar hero to many who follow his videos on YouTube, whether demonstrating Eastwood guitars, other brands or giving tips for musicians. We've heard, time and time again, "RJ is my favourite guitarist, ever!" And yes - he's that good!

One of the reasons Eastwood partnered with RJ, is that he is more versatile than most guitarists out there, but always keeping an unmistakable "RJ touch" to whatever he plays.

But he's more than a YouTube personality, of course - as a musician living in the true musical hub that is Nashville, TN, RJ is often out there on the road, playing live to audiences across the country - either in his own band RJ & The Del Guapos, or as a touring guitarist with other acts.

RJ has played with such names as diverse as Stevie Wonder, Santana, Smokey Robinson, Thompson Square and Stone Sour.

And in case you were wondering - yes, RJ actually uses Eastwood guitars sometimes: the Airline Tuxedo is one of his favourites, and a while back we did a Airline Tuxedo RJ Signature model, with double cutaway.

Instruments played:

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Airline Tuxedo

Airline Tuxedo RJ Signature 

Airline Tuxedo RJ Signature

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