Richard Lloyd

    Richard Lloyd is one of the most singular guitarists of the past few decades. After playing with Television, where alongside Tom Verlaine he created some of the most memorable guitar lines of the Seventies (in classic debut 'Marquee Moon'), Lloyd remains an artist of unique talent and vision.



    According to legend - which turns out to be true, by all accounts - Richard Lloyd had guitar lessons from none other than Jimi Hendrix, while still a teen. As the story goes, Lloyd's best friend Velvert Turner met Hendrix, who took his under his wing and gave him lessons, which were then passed on from Turner to Lloyd.

    Hendrix, and Turner, were the inspirations for a solo, concept album Lloyd later released in 2009.

    As a guitar fanatic in his teens, growing up in NYC, Lloyd had the opportunity to meet and hang with guitar legends such as Hendrix, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker and Jimmy Page, who inspired him.

    Richard Lloyd, 2016

    More than a "mere" guitar hero, Lloyd is as much a philosopher as a musician, and also no wonder he's been decribed as an "alchemical guitarist"... whatever that means! He also wrote a memoir, 'Everything Is Combustible'.

    Today, Richard Lloyd remains an active musician, often playing Television classics using his greenburst Sidejack DLX guitar, and also giving guitar lessons for aspiring guitarists - including well-known names such as Jeff Tweedy of Wilco!

    Lloyd also has his own signature guitar - the Eastwood Classic 6 Richard Lloyd Signature.

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