Kepi Ghoulie

    Jeff Alexander is the former singer and bassist with California's pop punk band Groovie Ghoulies, now performing under the name Kepi Ghoulie - playing Airline guitars, including his Airline Jetsons Jr in "Ghoulie Green".


    Kepi, as Alexander is better known, is a popular punk artist who've been playing Eastwood for many years now.

    As a bassist, one of his main choices was an Eastwood Hi-Flyer Bass (now discontinued, replaced by the Univox Bass).

    On the guitar side, Kepi used to play a white Eastwood Hi-Flyer but now he likes keeping it green - besides a modded Airline 2P, he now plays his signature model - the Airline Jetsons Jr in Ghoulie Green.

    Instruments played:

    Airline Jetsons Jr. Ghoulie Green view more

    Airline Jetsons Jr Ghoulie Green

    Airline 2P (Discontinued, now 59 2P) view more

     Airline 59 2P

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