Jason Powell (Guantanamo Baywatch)

Jason Powell is the guitarist with Guantanamo Baywatch - a high-octane surf band from Portland, Oregon, powered by Jason's ever present Eastwood guitars.


Guantanamo Baywatch make furiously, raucous surf music, and of course great guitar sounds are part of the appeal of any surf band worth their name. Thankfully, Guantanamo Baywatch have plenty of those, thanks to Jason Powell's longtime affair with Eastwood Guitars - first one of our old Hi-Flyer DLX models, and then a rare Ichiban with 4 pickups.

The band is considered "Today's Ultimate Surf Rockers", and have had releases on some pretty cult lables such as Burger Records, and have performed at SXSW festival and around the US many times, as well as having toured Europe.

Instruments Played:

Eastwood Hi-Flyer Phase 4 (early version) view more

Hi-Flyer Phase 4 DLX

Eastwood Ichiban (4-pickup limited-edition, rare) view current model

Rare Eastwood Ichiban

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