Ira Kaplan

    Ira Kaplan is the singer and lead guitarist in Hoboken's legendary Yo La Tengo. Though most-often spotted playing Fenders, he's also played an Eastwood Messenger.


    Fronting Yo La Tengo since the early 1980's, Ira Kaplan has become somewhat of a "cult" guitar hero for the Sonic Youth/alt-rock generation - usually playing Fender guitars (Strats, Jaguars and Jazzmasters, mostly).

    In a career spanning three decades, Yo La Tengo has never sold too many records -  but it haven't stop the band from becoming one of the most respected and iconic guitar bands to emerge from the East Coast in the past few decades.

    Therefore, we were truly honoured to have Ira playing an Eastwood Messenger (modded with a Bigsby) not that long ago at a few gigs!

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    Eastwood Messenger

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