Duke Robillard

    Michael John "Duke" Robillard is a top blues guitarist who's also a keen jazz and swing player, and who was a former member of the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

    Also known as Mike Robillard earlier in his career, the Duke is a founder member of the respected Roomful of Blues band, which has been active since 1967 and is still a leading name in the New England blues scene.

    With decades in the business - including a stint touring as Bob Dylan's lead guitarist - and experience working with Guild Guitars, as well as two Grammy Awards nominations (in 2007 and 2010) there's no doubt that the Duke is a seasoned pro who knows more than a little bit about guitars - so it's a real honour for us that often grabs an Airline Twin Tone as his weapon of choice.

    According to Elmoremagazine.com, Duke Robillard is "the linchpin that holds the New England blues community together". Quite a reputation!

    Heavily influenced by Texas blues players such as Gatemouth Brown, T-Bone Walker and Lowell Fulson, Robillard says Jimmie Vaughan was impressed when coming to New England, having asked The Duke: ‘You guys play like we do in Texas—how is that?’”

    Besides being a true master of the blues guitar, Robillard has also produced records for the likes of Jimmy Witherspoon, Joe Louis Walker, Sunny Crownover, Billy Price, Otis Clay and Billy Boy Arnold.

    Our new Airline Twin Tone The Duke Signature pays tribute to this fantastic guitarist, and has become his main axe on the road now.

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    Airline Twin Tone

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    Airline Twin Tone The Duke Signature

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