Dean Wareham

    Dean Wareham is the singer in guitarist from two seminal New York-based bands - Galaxy 500 and Luna. He's also picked up an Airline - the H44 STD.


    Though never widely popular at the time, Galaxie 500 became a legendary and influential band over the years since they split up in 1991, and are regarded as a seminal band from the New York scene of the mid-Eighties.

    Dean's following band, Luna, were equally cult, making similar, Velvet Underground-inspired, lo-fi psychedelic rock.

    After Luna split up, Dead Wareham continued to work with his bandmate and wife Britta Phillips as a duo, as well as pursuing a solo career, besides working as an actor.

    It was around the time of his work in Dean & Britta that he got his Airline H44 STD (now discontinued, unlike the Airline H44 DLX which is still available.)

    More recently, Wareham has been playing with Cheval Sombre and a reformed Luna.

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    Airline H44

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