Aziz Ibrahim

    Aziz Ibrahim is a true legend in the Manchester music scene, having played with artists such as Simply Red, Paul Weller and The Stone Roses.


    Aziz has an impressive CV: in his early twenties he was doing a world tour as lead guitarist for Simply Red, and later on went on to briefly join The Stone Roses , replacing guitar hero John Squire - a task that earned him the respect of artists such as Noel Gallagher, who dubbed it "the hardest job in the world."

    Since then, even though he has worked with major names such as Ian Brown and Paul Weller, Aziz has mostly shunned mainstream music, pursuing a very eclectic career that made him a well-respected name in the industry, keeping busy with several projects (including with Mike Joyce from The Smiths) and doing charity work.

    Aziz has a long story playing outside rock'n'roll, from Reggae band to prog rock - with a heavy influence of Asian instruments from sitar to flute inspiring his style.

    Aziz is a fan of Eastwood Guitars and owns an Airline Tuxedo, besides an Airline Jupiter Pro Dallas Green Signature (which is now discontinued.)

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    Airline Tuxedo

    Airline Jupiter Pro Dallas Green discontinued

    Airline Jupiter Pro Dallas Green

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