Eastwood Guitars GHS Custom Strings WE-T5 Tenor 5ths Angled

GHS Custom Strings - Warren Ellis
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We get it... it's hard to find pre-assembled string sets for your new Mandocaster or Tenor-Baritone. So we've partnered up with leading USA String brand GHS Strings to make your search much easier.

These are quality, branded strings custom-made and packaged in the gauges you need for your Eastwood instrument. They are made with GHS Dynamite Alloy (DY), a highly magnetic nickel-plated steel which delivers more volume than pure nickel strings.

WE-T5 Tenor 5ths Gauges:  011, 018, DY32, DY42
WE-TR Tenor Raised 5ths Gauges: 009, 013, DY24, DY36
WE-MS Mandostang Gauges: 010, 014, DY24, DY34
WE-TB Tenor Baritone Gauges: 016, DY26, DY40, DY60
WE-MCE Mandocello Gauges: 016/016, DY26/DY26, DY20/DY40, DY32/DY60

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