New Airline '61 "Jazzbox" Res-O-Glass Guitar Announced

Eastwood goes back to Res-O-Glass with our tribute to a long-forgotten Airline model.

Eastwood Jazzbox

The original Airline '61 model is perhaps the most rare Airline model ever. Even though it was advertised at a Montgomery Ward catalogue, there are no records of the guitar ever having gone into production - apart from one, legendary prototype.

Airline Catalogue

The prototype was used by the now forgotten country-blues artist David "Slim Pickings" Pickers, who died before ever making a recording - on a way to a gig, just a few months after debuting the Airline guitar, according to sources. Only one known photo of him survives:

Slim Pickings

Pickers is said to have taught John Fahey alternate tunings, but little else is known of the guitarist.

The guitar itself became surrounded by mystery and it has been little seen since, later re-surfacing at the Producer's Workshop recording studio in Hollywood, where it was used by several artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan and Pink Floyd. David Gilmour used the guitar to record the solo on 'Another Brick In The Wall', and the guitar was amongst those shown at the blockbusting exhibition 'Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains', which took place at the V&A in London, in 2017:

Pink Floyd Exhibition in London

The new Airline 61 'Jazzbox' Tribute

This new Airline model is the first Res-O-Glass model to be made at our new workshop in Nashville, TN, and will retail at around USD $1200 (TBC).

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  • Miguel Angel Gonzalez

    This should be a production model!

  • Pete

    When? Will it be a custom order?

  • Garret

    April Fools be damned – That’s one sexy looking guitar!
    The design strikes me as more desirable that many of the axes already in your stable.

  • theFantomMenace

    WHY NOT?! April Fool’s be damned! Res-O-Glass or not! Make a ’61 JazzBox!

  • Ben

    I love this guitar ,for the odd guitar aficionado this would be a crown jewel !
    l would buy one.

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